Categories: Identity Protection
      Date: Jan 12, 2009
     Title: Telephones – landlines, mobile phones and text messages
Do not use your employer’s telephone. Where at all possible do not receive or make calls at work...

The number you have dialled will be recorded, even if itemised billing is unavailable. Do not take calls at work from the person you have passed the information on to - text messages are a frequent cause of identification.

If your employer provides you with a mobile phone, do not use it to either send or receive sensitive calls or texts. Instead use your own mobile phone or your own landline (with the exception of the police, who have to be investigating a “serious criminal offence” it is unlawful for any person to gain access to your telephone accounts but it is not unlawful for your employer to look at the telephone account of the phone he has issued to you).

Alternatively, if the information is exceptionally sensitive, buy a “pay as you” go mobile phone from your local supermarket. Pay by cash and do not use a credit card, bank card or loyalty card to purchase top up credit - again, use cash.

When a call is made or received on a mobile phone, the location of a mobile telephone can be determined. Do not use any phone where the location will compromise you (only the Police can obtain this evidence and then only for the most serious cases).

A series of calls made from (or received by) a mobile telephone will leave a location footprint and it will be possible to track where you have been.