Dec 23, 2008

1. Why should I use “Whistle Blowers Press Agency Ltd” when I can deal directly with a national newspaper or broadcaster?

National newspapers are huge organisations and without doubt, the identity of the “whistle blower” will be known to very many people; journalists at all newspapers are known to ‘trade’ information with journalists on competing publications. As a result the "whistle blower" is often exposed. Indeed, it is sometimes in the interests of a newspaper to purposely identify the "whistle blower" used by a rival paper.

Newspapers are of course, businesses and in the first instance will offer the lowest possible sum to secure a story. In one particular case, the source of a story involving a cabinet minister was offered £2,000, whereas a competing newspaper paid £200,000 to another party for the same information.

At “Whistle Blowers” our primary goal is to protect the source of information and where appropriate, obtain the maximum fee available. Without your express permission we will not divulge your identity.

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