Nov 25, 2011

Paramedics – Unnecessary Disciplinary Proceedings

A paramedic in the East of England has been suspended for nine months because on the instructions of doctors at A & E, he was told to take a coronary patient to a specialist cardiac unit.  En route to the unit, the patient became moribund (not dead but not freely being able to communicate) and despite efforts to save him, he subsequently died.

The allegations against the paramedic are that he/she should have diverted to another hospital, no better than the hospital he had just left.  Sadly, there is no evidence to suggest when the patient’s condition deteriorated or whether the ambulance taking him was nearer the cardiac unit rather than the nearest non-specialist hospital.  The evidence seems to support the paramedic, who was following instructions to the letter.  In truth the patient should never have left the hospital and more importantly, medical staff should have been on the ambulance.

Sadly, the complaint originates from a “failing hospital”, where mortality rates are exceedingly high.  It is our belief the complaint is unjustified and was made to divert attention from the increasingly alarming statistics associated with the hospital.

If you know the paramedic who has been suspended, please contact us.  If you were part of the medical team at A & E or part of the team at the cardiac unit, we would like to hear from you too. Again, please contact us

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