Jan 18, 2014

The Police Federation – paid overtime, honorarium, one year’s time off in lieu of days worked or in excess of £55,000 in pay

A serving officer in a provincial force has contacted us to tell us about the lack of supervision of full time Police Federation reps.  According to the information we have to hand, all constable and sergeants employed as full time Federation reps pay themselves an honorarium to increase their pay level to that of a police inspector – the irony is that unlike junior ranks, police inspectors are not paid overtime.  However, when they work overtime, for the purpose of payment, the Federation reps are paid at the rate applicable to their rank and claim “time and a half” – in essence they have the best of both worlds; an inspectors wage and paid overtime.  All reps earn substantially more than an operational inspector, working shifts at the, “sharp end”!

Sadly, the story does not end there....

If overtime is worked, it can be taken off (Time Taken Off in Lieu of time worked – TOIL) but if it is not taken off, after three months it has to be paid.  Federation representatives work 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday but the police service works 24 hours, 365days a year.  As a consequence because Police Officers need representation outside, “office hours,” the Federation reps accrue vast amounts of overtime; the budget for overtime for “front line” officers is now negligible or non-existent!

We are currently investigating  an allegation a Police Sergeant, a full time Federation Rep, nearing retirement, amassed so much overtime that using TOIL, he could have absented himself from duty for nearly eighteen months.  Alternatively, he could have taken in excess of £55,000 in overtime payment.  We understand the Force in question has, “bought back” a vast tranche of the accrued overtime but nevertheless, we would like to know, why the accrual was not supervised and the officer made to take time off (or be paid at the end of three months).

Clearly, the Federation reps set their own agenda and are operating without supervision.  We know the identity of the officer involved and are also examining the use of Federation funds to invest in the purchase of property.

If you can help us investigate the allegations or can throw any light on the workings of the Police Federation or their full time representatives, then please contact us – the Federation is the property of ALL ranks, up to Chief Inspector and is funded by their contributions; they deserve better!

Alternatively, you could contact, www.policeblogs.co.uk – we are associated with the website, who will forward your correspondence to us.


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