Apr 10, 2014

Allegations a nurse at Broomfield Hospital NHS Trust has been promoted as a result of “sexual favours and friendships”

Following our report on the activities of a nurse at Broomfield Hospital, we have been contacted by the office of the CEO and are pleased to report he has authorised an investigation into the circumstances of the appointment and more importantly, is conducting a review to determine if  risk to patient safety is an issue.  Although we have not identified the nurse in question, in a telephone conversation with James Day, the Trust Secretary, it became clear the Trust have robust internal procedures to examine the circumstances, which led to the promotion.

The CEO has been recently appointed and we believe a thorough investigation will take place.  If the facts we have outlined are correct, action will be taken and we are guaranteed there will be no witch hunt to identify the informant.

The promotion is in a discipline, which requires clinical expertise and training, beyond the reach of the nurse, who now holds a senior position, albeit she has never previously worked in that field of medicine.

The allegations extend to the nurse having failed a practical examination, where if the incident had occurred in, “real time,” the patient would have died.

A distraught medical colleague of the nurse contacted us to make a complaint.  The allegations appear to be well founded.  The whistle blower was not concerned by the alleged promiscuity of the nurse, who is also alleged to have had a number of liaisons with police officers, as well as senior officials at the NHS Trust.  The relationship with a senior executive continues.

The whistle blower was concerned the nurse was unprofessional and was operating in an environment, where patient safety was being put at risk (on one occasion she is alleged occasion she left a patient, in a potentially life threatening situation, whilst she was “socialising with staff).  As a result of her inabilities, inexperience and “panic response,” she was liable to cause harm to patients.  We are told, consultants often bring another nurse to assist them, rather than be assisted by the subject of this entry.  Additionally, we are told, the nurse works on “the bank” but cannot find employment in her current discipline.

According to our source, the nurse was promoted two grades, into a discipline, where she had no previous experience, whatsoever, despite the fact that in a practical test, she “killed” the patient.  Under normal circumstances it would have taken years to have achieved the promotion.  The promotion was, “fixed.”

The position taken by the nurse was not advertised in accordance with current NHS guidelines and on the instructions of senior management, the subsequent enquiry into the corrupt practice was brushed under the carpet.

The allegations extend to the nurse coming to work with bruising and injuries to her head and face, following a fall.  According to the information we received, the nurse went, “sick” as a result of a sprained ankle but subsequently boasted she fell over in the toilets of a public house, whilst involved in oral sex with a senior executive.

The same source alleges the nurse has had two “cosmetic” operations on her breasts and other parts of her body.  The operations were conducted on the NHS but using the NHS protocols for both types of surgery, could not have been justified.  The nurse openly boasts the operations were authorised because of her intimacy with senior managers/doctors.

We are aware of the identity of the nurse and know the discipline where she is employed.  However, before we can bring the allegations to the notice of the authorities, we need more information – we know the identities of all parties!

If you know the identity of the nurse and can throw more light on the allegations, we would like to hear from you.  If you can explain why the enquiry into the “fixed” promotion was brushed under the carpet, please contact us.


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