The Company

Whistle Blowers Press Agency Limited was incorporated in 1997 and owns the registered the trademark, "Whistle Blower." Universally, Whistle Blowers Press Agency is known as Whistle Blowers.

Whistle Blowers is incorporated in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America and through contact with the public, remains the only press agency exclusively dedicated to investigative journalism.

Whistle Blowers Press Agency operates 24/7, 365 days a year and outside UK office hours, has one journalist/researcher, completing the on-call at the end of a telephone.

Although a majority of the workload originates in the UK and the USA, "Whistle Blowers" continues to break stories and instigate investigations throughout the world.

Whistle Blowers has granted just two licences for use of the trademark, "Whistle Blower."   Media Access Limited, Whistle Blower's sister company has been granted a licence as has a compliant legal services company, which provides legal advice to the Agency and uses the term Whistle Blower in its ICO registration.

Whistle Blowers is not associated with any entity using "Whistle Blowers" or "Whistle Blowing" within its URL (internet title) or trading name.

Whistle Blowers must not be confused with any organisation, trading on the internet, which offers cash for stories. Simple research will prove you are dealing with agencies with a completely different trading names and limited investigative ability.

The Ethics

Whistle Blowers is the only press agency, publisher or broadcaster, to openly display or adopt an "Ethical Charter" and with your security in mind, remains the only Agency to use encrypted email contact within its webpages.

For security reasons we do not publish or make reference to current or previous investigations.  Our shop window is our professionalism and our raison d'etre can be found in the publisher, Joseph Pulitzer's statement, "There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, which does not live by secrecy.  Get these things out in the open, describe them, attack them, ridicule them in the press and sooner or later public opinion will sweep them away."

The Staff

Whistle Blowers' strength is in its enthusiasm for investigation and identifying wrong doing and impropriety, at any level; it is the Agency's raison d'etre. Calling organisations and individuals to account is within Whistle Blowers' DNA.

Due to a recent security concern and on the advice of the Police, Whistle Blowers Press Agency does not identify members of staff or provide biographies.

Whistle Blowers' members are from a diverse background and include a former New Scotland Yard trained detective, who is the news editor, a former research editor, two researchers known as the "facts sniffer dogs" and journalists previously employed by national titles/broadcasters.


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