“Whistle Blowers,” champions the cause of the individual and are non-judgmental; the Agency has no allegiance or connection to any political party, company, society or organisation.  We are unique in that we will not allow our integrity to be compromised by a particular allegiance to any major publisher or broadcaster.

Incorporated in 1997, Whistle Blowers Press Agency Limited, adheres to an “Ethical Charter,” which allows the Agency to act as a safe conduit between the whistle blower and the national/international press or broadcaster media; a copy of the “Ethical Charter” can be obtained by emailing a request to info@whistleblowers.uk.com.  If you need advice, you can speak with an investigative journalist, 24/7, 365 days a year – day and night, we are at the end of a telephone.

The Agency’s use of the media to maximise public exposure, remains a more powerful force than any court or regulatory body; “Whistle Blowers” calls to account those individuals and organisations, who have acted illegally, abused their position(s) or have failed in their public duty/duty of care.  We provide a voice and safe haven for those who, in normal circumstances, cannot be heard or identified; we safeguard the right of the individual to speak out against any illegitimate, illegal, immoral or inequitable activity.

“Whistle Blowers” will protect your identity and implement a zero exposure policy to safeguard you as the source of the information.  To protect you from exploitation, we will complete any investigation ourselves and will not merely act as a “broker” between you and a national publisher or broadcaster; our team remains more diverse than almost all national newspaper titles and most importantly, we encourage you to work alongside us throughout an investigation.

Your security and interests will remain the focus of our attention.  Whilst we have broken countless national/international stories and continue to be responsible for many major exposés, to protect your security and anonymity, we remain invisible within the media.  Steadfastly, we refuse to be identified and do not highlight our achievements; we do not court publicity or media recognition/attention - our discretion remains your most valuable asset.


Expose the truth, remain anonymous

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