Why use “Whistle Blowers

We have been incorporated since 1997 and over the years have developed an ethical policy, designed to protect the source of any information passed on to us.  We regard the contributor (the source of the information) as an equal partner in any investigation we undertake and consequently involve him/her at all stages of our enquiries. 

“Whistle Blowers” regards anything, which passes between the source of the information, (the contributor) and its staff as strictly confidential and will not disclose any information, whatsoever, to a third party, without the expressed consent of the contributor.  Moreover, during an investigation, we will not take any action, without the contributor’s expressed authority. 

We keep the contributor informed of our intended actions and throughout our investigation will seek advice or guidance from the contributor.  We are conscious of the potential harm we may cause if we do not adhere to the ethical policies, contained in our “Ethical Charter.”

If a contributor will be adversely affected by our investigations or if a media revelation could compromise the source of the information, we will not hesitate to abandon an investigation, even if we are at the point of publication.  If at any time the contributor wishes to withdraw, we will cease our activities.

You may obtain a copy of the “Ethical Charter” by making an email request to info@whistleblowers.uk.com.

Making the Choice

There are a myriad of press agencies advertising on the internet, many with the word, “Whistle Blower” in the title (URL).  Before you contemplate contacting us or any other press agency, we would invite you complete some research by looking at the various websites.  Whilst doing so, ask yourself the following:-

a. Given what I am about to reveal, will I be safe dealing with this organisation?

b. Will this organisation act in my best interests or in their own interest?

c. Is it abundantly clear whom I am dealing with – is the URL (the website’s name) remotely the same as the organisation I believe I am dealing with?”

d. Am I dealing with a company capitalising on the likes of, “kiss and tell” revelations or a “cash for your story” enterprise?

e. Am I dealing with an organisation, which is little more than a “story broker?  Is the organisation acting as a middle-man between me and a national publisher?  Will they take ownership of the investigation and work with the national publisher or will they just pass me on?

f. If they are “story brokers” (being paid a fee for introducing you to a journalist on a national newspaper and are not involving themselves in an in-depth investigation of your allegation) “Am I putting myself at risk, now or in the future?”

g. Do they employ nationally accredited investigators or investigative journalists/researchers?  Disregarding the hype and self-proclamation, what is their background?

h. Does the company produce anything similar to the “Ethical Charter” produced by “Whistle Blowers” and if it does, why isn’t it referred to within the website?

i. Does the website contain an explicit, “Company Information” page, so I know exactly whom I am dealing with?

j. Where on the website does it tell me whom I am dealing with?  Self-proclaimed plaudits aside, does it tell me anything about the company or staff?

k. Is there a disclaimer page on the website, so that I can understand the prevailing terms and conditions?

l. Is there a “privacy” page, so I know what information about me might be passed on and what information might be retained? 

m. If there is a “privacy page,” does it tell me how to obtain copies of data (information) held against my name, in accordance with the provisions of Section 7(1) Data Protection Act 1998 (a “Subject Access” request)?

n. In accordance with the law, is the company or the company’s trading name, registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)?

o. Is the organisation linked to other websites?  If it is, then look at those sites and ask yourself a simple question, “What are these people up to?  Was the information displayed on the website I have been looking at, obtained from information originally supplied to one of their other websites?”

p. Are those other trading names registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office?

When you have completed your investigation, look at the overall content, make an objective judgment and return to our home page and then apply for a copy of our “Ethical Charter.”  Make the comparisons – we will let you judge if we are the same as the others or refreshingly different and overtly ethical!

“Whistle Blowers” not only pursues the truth; as counterproductive as it may sometimes seem, we tell the truth. 

How is “Whistle Blowers” different from its Competitors?

At “Whistle Blowers” we revel in our integrity and our “hands above the table” approach.  We are specialist investigators, who have no need to hide behind a misleading websites or fill our pages with factious content or self-proclaimed plaudits – we incorporated this Agency in 1997 with the sole purpose of using the media to address the inequities, which pervade society; the same applies today, only more so!  We exist to make a difference!

At “Whistle Blowers” our policy is to remain invisible; ironically, unlike our competitors, we shun publicity/media recognition and insist we are never associated with any of the countless stories we break.  That policy alone acts as an additional firebreak between the source of the information and the story – an investigation will never connect “Whistle Blowers” and consequently, the informant acquires enhanced anonymity.

Unless the informant consents, we will not reveal to a third party, any information which might identify him/her; in reality, if ever there is a major investigation, we will not be associated with a story, simply because we cannot be connected with it.
Payment for your information

Yet again, “Whistle Blowers” has a different approach to our competitors.  If you require payment for your disclosure, we will not take a penny from the money you earn. 

Unlike most agencies, who take anything up to 50% of your fee (needless to say, they disguise the fact and will try to demonstrate they have received far less) we will negotiate your fee and once we have done that, we will then try to earn a fee for “Whistle Blowers” – generally speaking, the national publishers/broadcasters are beholden to us and will willingly make separate payment to ensure our future consideration.  It is often the case that “Whistle Blowers” donates its fee to the informant or a charitable cause.

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