Jun 3, 2010

Suspensions within the NHS, the Police and public services

Coincidentally, Whistle Blowers Press Agency has been contacted by an NHS official and a senior police officer, both complaining about the unnecessary and lengthy suspensions (in the case of the police officer, she also complained about "protective postings" - a type of suspension, where the accused officer works in a sterile environment, away from the public).

Our NHS "whistle blowers" complained of staff (including GP's, senior/junior doctors and paramedics) being suspended for months on end - some for years.  It would seem "suspension" now occurs as a matter of course, without regard for the seriousness of the allegation or any consideration, whatsoever, for the member of staff or for the NHS as a whole.  The least consideration is to the tax payer!

Our Police lady makes a similar comment and complains of the unnecessary attention made to minor complaints and of course, suspension without due regard for the circumstances.

It would seem that other public services are following suit - if you know of ANY suspensions in the NHS, the Police or the public service, we want to hear about it - the public employ these people, not the organisations who pay them.  Whistle Blowers wants to know what is happening to our workers and our resources!

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