Jun 3, 2010

Marbles Credit Card - unwanted card and card protection

A member of the Whistle Blowers staff was the owner of a Beneficial Credit Card which he never used.  In January 2008, he was told by Beneficial the card was due to expire and that if he did not use it a new card would not be issued.  He did not use the card.

On 2nd October 2008 Beneficial informed him the card had been cancelled.  In May 2009 he received a credit card statement from a company identifying themselves as "Marbles".  Our member of staff had never received a credit card from "Marbles" but noted a debit of £55.00 for the purchase of card protection from a company called Sentinel.

Our member of staff contacted "Marbles" and explained he did not have a "Marbles" card and did not know who Sentinel were.  He explained the transaction was fraudulent and asked "Marbles" to investigate.  He refused to make payment explaining that he did not have a card and could not use it.  He was informed the last transaction on the card was in excess of 3 years ago.

"Marbles" failed to investigate the matter and then began harassing him by incessant telephone calls to his home, office and mobile phone.  What they did not realise was he was a Whistle Blowers member of staff.

We have made enquiries with "Marbles" and have learned they purchased credit card accounts from HFC Bank (part of HSBC).  They could not account for the issue of the card to our staff member and most certainly could not account for the fraudulent Sentinel card protection.

Needless to say our member of staff has a detailed record of the "harassment calls" received from "Marbles" who maintain they have only spoken to him on 3 occasions.

Whistle Blowers Press Agency is investigating Marbles Credit Card Services and we have asked for some further explanation.  If you have been subjected to similar behaviour from Marbles Credit Card or any other collections agency, we would like to hear from you.  If you have been debited for card protection services you have not ordered we need to know about it.

We are waiting to hear from you.

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