Jun 3, 2010

"Suspect" Dealings By Local Authorities

Whistle Blowers Press Agency has been contacted by a "whistle blower" who has produced evidence of irrational overspending by a local council.  Some of that spending relates to the lavish purchases by staff for food and items for personal use that have been disguised as "corporate purchases".

Our "whistle blower" had detailed many, many examples of her particular local authority spending unnecessarily and camouflaging so called "budget cuts" to appear as genuine savings, albeit the cuts have never happened.  The "whistle blower" has cited numerous examples of irrational practices that are costing the tax payer thousands and has produced evidence of known overcharging being ignored.

The same "whistle blower" has produced documentation that reveals the local authority is paying excessive penalties in relation to utilities and energy charges. Moreover, the "whistle blower" cites examples of environmental mismanagement; of "employment fixing"; of staff being on "the take"; of minor examples of corruption; of jobs beings advertised when they have already been filled and various other scams, all of which need urgent investigation.

We rather imagine we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg at this local authority but question whether the same practices are common nationwide.  If you have any evidence of the same type of activity happening in your local authority, we at Whistle Blowers want to know about it - it is your money they are spending!

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