Oct 4, 2010

Arctic Conditions in Stores Helps Major Grocery Chain Achieve Green Goals

Whistle Blowers was recently contacted by an individual who claims that a leading grocery store’s management in an Essex store is purposely keeping the heat off in the store to help save money. Incidentally, the store’s manager also currently holds the title of “Green Champion” for the region, which is not a coincidence according to this individual.

According to our Whistle Blower, customers have complained about how cold the store can get, but the situation is even worse for store employees who must spend their work day in temperatures as low as 8C. Employees cannot always wear appropriate layers either because of health and safety standards for handling food (e.g. lint might end up in food). Ironically, occupational health and safety standards say workplaces are not supposed to drop below 13C, yet this happens regularly in this store in Essex. The manager claims the heater is broken, but when the repairman went to look at it, he said it was simply turned off.
Have you noticed that certain grocery stores seem to be colder than others? Do you work at one? We want to hear your stories about this and if you have complained, what reasons you were given for the temperature.

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