Oct 15, 2011

How major supermarkets hold the media to ransom

Whistle Blowers Press Agency is staffed by investigative journalists and media researchers.  The Agency is ethical and exists to call to account those who have transgressed – in pursuit of our goal we work hand in glove with media outlet such as the major newspapers and broadcasters.  Although we are dependent on the media to promote our investigations, it does not mean we are prevented from speaking out about their unethical practices or indeed arguing with editors about the need for fairness in reporting the transgressions of the major companies that purchase pages of prime advertising.

Editors are only too keen to expose flaws in banks, utility providers and oil companies – they are soft targets that do not generate a huge amount of advertising revenue; it is a pity they do not have the same policies for the major supermarkets!

At “Whistle Blowers” we are constantly in receipt of information about the alleged unethical behaviour of one supermarket in particular and in recent weeks have received three separate complaints about hygiene. We have seen photographs and documentary evidence to prove our case but like all our submissions involving the company, editors will not publish the stories, simply because, “They are one of our biggest advertisers and we need that revenue more than we need newsprint”.

In our view that is tantamount to unethical journalism and all advertisers, no matter how big, should be subjected to the same policy – “If your actions have not been in the public interest, we will report the facts, even though you spend millions with us.”  If editors agree to a common policy and repeat or promote follow up stories from the revelations published by their competitors, the supermarkets will be emasculated.

“Whistle Blowers” need to call the editors to account.  If you have any story, whatsoever, involving one of the “big” supermarkets, we are desperate to hear from you.  We are preparing a dossier to highlight the anomaly – the more evidence we have the more difficult it will be for the editors to resist the need for a change of policy.


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