Apr 22, 2013

Allegations of discrimination at the cardio-thoracic unit at Southampton University Hospital

We are currently investigating the regime at the cardio-thorasic unit at Southampton Hospital, where it has been alleged by a number of whistle blowers that discrimination was commonplace and that one doctor, who complained, was effectively dismissed, not because of his professional ability but due to his determination to speak out.  He had the temerity to complain.

We have interviewed a number of senior medical and other staff and in our opinion the internal enquiry into the allegations was little more than a white-wash – a superficial enquiry conducted by a fellow consultant, despite the fact impartiality should have prevailed and the enquiry should have been conducted by an impartial third party from another hospital.

“Whistle Blowers” have made a number of Freedom of Information requests and we are awaiting the results. What we haven’t asked for is a response to the allegation that one consultant dropped his trousers and waved his genitals at the doctor, who repeatedly refused to be cowered by the consultant’s oppresive behaviour.

We understand an employment tribunal is pending and have evidence to suggest not all information is being disclosed and “contrived” evidence is being hasitily assembled. We are told medical staff, who can speak out, refuse to do so, because they fear similar retributive action. Moreover, we are told one of the consultants involved in the complaint was told by administrators to settle the action but has insisted the matter proceed to an employment tribunal. If so, it is indicative of the stance of the NHS, where they spend the tax payers’ money, fighting the indefensible; as usual, their vain hope is the applicant will run out of money and be incapable of continuing the action.

We do not know what has happened at UHS. If only a small part of the evidence we have to hand is true, then a full investigation is warranted. If you work or have worked at University Hospital Southampton, or if you know anything at all about the matters we have described, then we would ask you to contact us. We guarantee we will not disclose your details or provide any information about you or what you have to say, to a third party.

If you are the doctor involved in the pending proceedings or if you know the identity of the consultant who exposed himself, please contact us – there may be others in the same boat. If you are aware of any suspensions at UHS, in particular any unfair suspensions, or indeed, if you are aware of any unfair practices, we would urge you to contact us


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