Apr 29, 2013

Misconduct in a public office - the suppression of Police Whistle Blowers

Misconduct in a public office is a common law criminal offence that has never been defined by statute; indeed it is an offence that is virtually indefinable, simply because “misconduct” is a subjective issue.

However, it is only in recent years that the CPS has chosen to use this archaic legislation to prosecute those “offenders” who have to be paid by the public purse.  It is ironic that only police officers seem to be subjected to the prosecution policy.  We have yet to hear of NHS workers, council workers, teachers and the like being pursued for  similar offences.

Sadly, when News Corporation agreed to allow the police access to all their files a number of police officers were identified as whistle blowers and many of them face prosecution for “misconduct in a public office” – there is no “public interest” defence”

Without shadow of doubt the new prosecution policy is being utilised to prevent police officers or police civilian staff speaking out, or at least contacting the media.  At “Whistle Blowers” our policy is to never identify the whistle blower, even to our media contacts and likewise, the policy extends our policy of hiding the whistle blowers identity within our files.

Despite the attempt to suppress police whistle blowers we still have officers and civilian staff contact us.  Our advice to anyone who wants to blow the “Police Whistle” is to contact us by telephone so we can guide you through the intricacies of remaining invisible.  Failing that, if you have a genuine reason to blow the whistle, get your spouse/partner or close friend to contact us but remember that too has its dangers.

Our emails are encrypted, so if you want advice, contact us via our home page but whatever you do, do not leave contact information – we will reply to you via the “Jig Saw” page.


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