May 7, 2013

East Surrey Hospital NHS Trust - NHS Consultants conducting private clinics/treatment in NHS time and altering their lists to suit their private practice(s)

According to information in our possession, consultants in a number of clinics (the exact details are known to us) at East Surrey Hospital, conduct their private non-NHS work in NHS time.

We are told the private clinics run from 7:30am until 9:30am.  The NHS clinics start at 8am and the consultants should be in attendance.  In many instances, unsupervised registrars conduct the clinics, whilst the consultants continue with their private and profitable non-NHS work. 

In addition, we are told the consultants will reduce their NHS lists to afford themselves more time to treat their private patients.  As is the case throughout the NHS, the registrars are frightened to speak out!

We know when and where these private clinics take place and we are acutely aware of another money making ruse.  The government’s flag-ship, “Waiting List Initiative Scheme,” was introduced to reduce the NHS waiting lists; basically, patients who had been waiting for treatment, were transferred to the “private sector” and invariably they were treated by the same NHS consultants but this time as private patients – the consultants were being paid extra to treat their existing NHS patients.

The information in our possession indicates consultants manipulate their NHS lists; even when there are no legitimate waiting lists within the NHS, consultants move the patients on to the “Waiting List Initiative Scheme,” so they can treat the patients privately during the week-end.  We are told lists are routinely cancelled and day-care cases utilise only 50% of theatre time, albeit the theatres are staffed 100% of the time.  Generally speaking it is the day care operations that are farmed out to private practice!

“Whistle Blowers” has been informed the Chief Executive is aware of the situation but has chosen not to investigate the allegations.  We intend to pursue our line of enquiry – if the consultants are manipulating the lists to earn an additional income, then they may well have committed a criminal offence of false accounting and they need to be exposed.

If you can throw any light on the allegations, please contact us; we will guarantee your anonymity – consultants in the NHS remain accountable to nobody but themselves – they will remain that way until they are exposed!

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