Dec 23, 2008

5. If I require payment, how much will the disclosure be worth?

It is impossible to determine the value of a particular disclosure: a front page headline can make as little as £2,000 and as much as £200,000. There are many factors involved in negotiating payment, not least of which relates to the newspaper you go to, the day of publication and where the article finally appears in the newspaper.

Unfortunately, a story destined for the front page can find its way into the body of the newspaper as a ‘page lead’ (the headline on that particular page) if a more newsworthy story breaks before publication. Clearly, if this happens the story will be worth far less than if it were a "splash" (a headline).

We may ask you to enter into a contract. A clause in that contract will guarantee the story is exclusively released to Whistle Blowers Press Agency Limited (and the nominated newspaper or broadcaster). If a story is not exclusive, it is virtually worthless.

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