Jun 2, 2010

Michael Barrymore and the death of Stuart Lubbock

The death of Stuart Lubbock on 31st March 2001 is well documented and has been the subject of two Police investigations, the second of which was initiated by one of the Whistle Blower directors.

Stuart was found dead, floating in the swimming pool of Michael Barrymore’s home. There was a short, desultory police investigation followed by a post mortem examination, which concluded that Stuart had consumed large amounts of alcohol and drugs.  He had died from drowning.  However, the post mortem also revealed that Stuart had been seriously, indecently assaulted – an instrument (possibly a bottle) had been forced eight inches inside his anus and had split his colon.

The Police latterly conducted a full scale enquiry but were unable to find witnesses to the assault or indeed, the drowning.  In essence, all they established was that Stuart, together with other invited guests had attended a party at Barrymore’s house, taken drugs and had been found dead in the swimming pool.  There was a dearth of forensic evidence and the cause of Stuart’s anal injury was never determined.  Clearly, a determined effort had been made to frustrate the Police enquiry!

In 2006, Whistle Blowers Press Agency was asked by the Lubbock Trust (a non-charitable organisation) to reinvestigate the death.  We refused to do so but instead, through our Police contacts, precipitated a further Police enquiry.

Although the second Police enquiry resulted in a number of arrests, nobody has been charged in connection with Stuart’s death or the undoubted sexual assault.  Although Michael Barrymore has stated there were a number of witnesses, who need to be traced, to this day, only the perpetrators of the assault and those present at the time, know what really happened to Stuart.

Witnesses must have spoken to third parties and clearly, someone knows what went on.  Can you help fill in more than one piece of the jigsaw?

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